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בעזרת השם יתברך
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Response of the Committee to the Raid

The Response of the Committee to the Raid on the Lev Tahor community in Guatemala City, September 13th, 2016.


  • The raid was ordered by the State of Israel. This was confirmed in an official press release by the Israeli Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs. To learn about the attitude of the Israeli government towards the Lev Tahor community and the reasons behind it, read the booklet “Lev Tahor – a Target of Political Persecution” published by our Research Team.


  • According official statements of the Israeli authorities, and by confirmation from witnesses on the spot, a team consisting of representatives from various departments within the State of Israel (Justice, Social, Foreign and Consulate), were accompanying during all the process taking an active part in it, as if Guatemala was a puppet of the state of Israel (against any law and logic).


  • The shape of the raid and the way it was carried out, among other things, smashing windows when the door was open; threatening and pointing mothers and small children with big guns on their faces; giving a free way for any Israeli element and any hostile person into private homes; binding feet of two-year-old-children for the purpose of silencing their mothers; confiscating on the spot all the computers and phones that were necessary for contacting lawyers for legal assistance; confiscation of essential medicines and vitamins in worth of thousands of dollars from families in need, plus many other crimes that were recorded and documented. This leaves no room for any doubt that this was not even a trace of legal investigation and also not a concern for the safety of children, but rather an operation of hate to Orthodox Jews, an operation aim to liquidating and retaliating, a real intimidation mission to demonstrate the power of the strong against the weak and the helpless. With all the desire not to arouse the forgotten, the operation recalls the events of the "Kristallnacht" operation in Nazi Germany in the year of 1938.


  • Although the operation was conducted under Israeli guidance at every turn, most of the officials of the local government that worked under the commands of the Israeli agents operating in the area, do not exempt from responsibility those officials of local government which for money interests ordered unilateral cooperation with the secular government of Israel who despises the Lev Tahor community and who officially declared its goal to genocide the Lev Tahor community and to shed the blood of its innocent boys and girls ("out of concern for the safety" of course). And the Committee calls for an external investigation that these factors will be held accountable.


  • The Committee reminds us that only two years ago the same families and children were cruelly expelled from the village where they lived, under drawn swords and calls of death, after the residents of the village were incited and bribed by those very same elements, representatives of the State of Israel, who flew especially from Israel and Canada to organize another deportation worse than the 110 documented deportations in the history of the Jewish nation (with already a history of thousands of deportations of Jewish people done without leaving any document behind).


  • The Committee praises the extensive operation of hundreds of inhabitants of Guatemala and dozens of government officials at various levels (including many who while participating in the operation received orders opposite to their will), those who participated in rescue actions, protests, working for justice and fairness for the well-being and blood of children and for the suffering parents concerned about their welfare.


  • The Committee indicates the leaders of Guatemala City, led by the Honorable Mayor, who cares for the wellbeing of every resident of the city, plus other agencies and officials of government, which not only refused to assist in the biased illegal raid, but worked tirelessly day and night to restore justice and fairness and to restore peace to the helpless Jewish boys and girls that are persecuted through no fault of their own.


  • The committee also praises the residents of the city who came to help with food, baby food, phones, medicine for the sick and needy who were robbed during the raid, and other necessities.


  • The Committee calls to every citizen or government official in the Republic of Guatemala, to join as members of our committee, for the sake of humanity and for the future character of the Republic of Guatemala, to publish the voice of truth and integrity, the voice of justice and fair trial for the helpless and the persecuted.


  • The Committee calls to all those in their power to help and support in every way possible for the survival of these dear and innocent families.