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בעזרת השם יתברך
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Report by Attorney General of Republic of Guatemala


The office of the Attorney General of Republic of Guatemala, officially announced, that the "Investigation" against the Community Lev Tahor is driven by political means. In addition, all computers and documents that were seized from the Lev Tahor community on the day of the raid, will be sent straight to Israel, without any analysis by the Guatemalan authorities.


Transcripts in English bellow the video:



"The Public Ministry received through the Embassy of Israel, a request to establish the current state of some children, who are part of the Jewish community established in Guatemala. 


The report and findings will be transferred to that government through diplomatic means. There are other steps that we must accomplish, such as gathering some forensic medical reports INACIF, some testimonial statements, analyze the elements that can be seized in this decision and then transfer it all without opinion, but as a result of the proceedings to the government of Israel, through diplomatic channels.


From within the investigations carried by the Israeli government are found possible abuses and maltreatment. particularly child abuse for example the possibility of being forced marriages of minors is one of the leading investigation of the government of Israel."