With the help of God
בעזרת השם יתברך
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With the help of God, blessed be He.


For the sake of removing the tremendous shame,
almost unmatched, that was caused to the citizens of Latin America.

Honorable and merciful Citizens!

It is not possible to remain idle and silent. At the time the shining crown of Judaism of our time, which has been residing here in Guatemala for two and a half years, who are being persecuted and tortured in brutal and inhumane ways, resembling in that way the events leading up to World War II in Europe, may God forbid!

Social and Cultural Wealth!

The community of Lev Tahor is, without any doubt, the community representing the richness of the Torah and Judaism in the most genuine way that can be found in our time!

For the sake that in Guatemala doesn’t repeat the retrograde, tragic and shameful history of genocide!

After being oppressed by blood libeling (defamation), horrible lies, persecution and pogroms, to the point of forcing them to live in subhuman conditions that are worse than the ghettos of Europe. The same pursuers, use that very fact, as a strategy to lead to a more brutal and catastrophic situation.

The expulsion from Spain and Portugal, the Inquisition, the persecution in America …

As it happened, on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a new Guatemalan version of Kristallnacht (the night of crystals, a pogrom that took place in Berlin and Vienna, this being the mark of a beginning of the persecution of European Jewry) . On that Tuesday, police squads carrying heavy weaponry along with other government authorities who violently forced their entry into the homes of community members, going through breaking doors with iron tools, bursting at gunpoint and, as if it were little, pointing at them in the face to women and young children !!! In some households they made real pogroms, to turn and defile all the belongings found within them! And to their dismay found no evidence of abuse to children or adults…

Malicious Libel!

This barbaric crime happened due to a badly intentioned desire to open a new case of mistreatment against the families, with the aim of destroying their peaceful way of life to the extreme of destroying their existence in this world, God does not forbid!

Working together to reach Excellence in Guatemala!

Over time, since this community moved to the Republic of Guatemala, even during the time of persecution when they had to live in conditions of much pain and depression, the community has directed and expressed itself towards each person without any difference in religion or race, plenty of love and honor! In the terrible conditions which they were and have been forced to live, during these times which have been marked by fear and stress, members of this community have welcomed everyone with a glowing face and the special custom of receiving guests, which are stunning, and through these qualities are verified and confirmed the descendants of the patriarch Abraham.

Recovering core values!

And through the above-mentioned qualities it has been proven without any doubt that this community respects and loves each person and honors the beliefs and lifestyle of each individual in an unusual way, which causes much of an impression!

Our cry! The interest of the Humanity!

Here, in the International Rescue Committee of the Jewish families of the community of Lev Tahor, we are addressing through this statement by a shout deep from the heart. A cry out to all those beings in which it’s found beating a human heart, to stand against this barbaric crime that occurred here in Guatemala before the eyes of all. To come and share with their help, and set their position against what happened.

Today for me, tomorrow for you! Let’s defend the minorities from the interests of the corrupt powers!

Every liberal person, who does not believe in the ways of hatred without reason and religious persecution, and in particular the persecution against true Jews. And anyone who cherishes basic human values and the right to live, you must come and say this aloud. In the name of the great and honorable God, King of the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all humanity, and in the name of all the principles and values that are of benefit worldwide.

All united in a Peaceful Assembly!

The assembly’s position will be that of peace and sensitivity, against all these barbarous crimes that were perpetrated. It will be held on Sunday 25th of September of this year, in their place  of residence: 4th Street 4-37 Zone 9, Guatemala City, kicking off at 08:00 am. with the aim of helping their departure from their current home.

The roof of mankind!

Through this approach we will bless and pray for them so that all community members grow successfully. In like manner by the great love we have for all creatures that were designed with the image of God, we will accompany them and support them to start moving into their new home. The housing complex that they have begun to build in the department of Oratorio, which will be named Bovel, in memory of all the Ancient Rabbis and Pious who resided in Babylon.

Basic human rights for all!

This, with the aim to create, with the help of God, honorable life conditions appropriate to the needs of these special people who have been victims of elements of abjection and cheap intentions. Those of which caused them a bitter life and have brought upon their children a terrible Holocaust.

We are demonstrating against corrupt organizations and violators of human rights!

Above this position we, the members of the "International Rescue Committee", manifest ourselves against aggravations fomented by the Zionist organizations of the State of Israel against this wonderful community. Especially through coercion materialized by the media which they control, causing a spreading fire full of lies and defamation.


We, the members of the "International Rescue Committee" that was established by people who love humanity be us Jews or not, will support: in the name of humanity, freedom and peace of every human being. In the name of the possibility for anyone to live their life according to their beliefs no matter how different they are, to be able to raise and educate their children, who are the  most important thing to them, in an environment free of fear and tension in order to be able and continue to learn their main book, the Torah and fulfill its commandments, which the Lord of the universe entrusted to them at Mount Sinai!

Punishment of the persecutors awaits.

We declare our belief in the divine words and the promise to Abraham, the father of mankind. {I bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; Through you shall be blessed all the families of the earth! - Genesis 12: 3} So that those who succor the Jews will be blessed! And those who persecute you will be punished by God! (Especially if the persecution is perpetrated as a reasons of remorse from the author against its victims who won’t surrender to the modernization and as a result defend their loyalty to the Torah).


We want to have the great merit to succor hundreds of people, especially spouses and children from the tragic situation they have been forced to live during the past three years. We will provide our support with all our souls, bodies and resources.

We want to redeem those held hostage by the claws of those cruel people who only seek to satisfy themselves by causing anguish and grief to innocent people.

Lev Tahor and their love for Guatemala

The Lev Tahor community did not come to Guatemala for a little while, they came to stay and already have worked on that since their arrival, with advisory and by acquiring mortgage commitments for the purchase of a Location in Santa Rosa in order to establish their community, create jobs, trade and development in the municipality. The damage caused by constant persecution prevents them from obtaining the necessary funds to continue construction as well as the lack of funding, as it is a mega construction. These are the reasons why the site is not yet ready to inhabit making financing needed for immediately building TEMPORARY HOUSING with the basic conditions for their families and children.

The right to live in peace and honor!

We want to bring them help so that they and their belongings are able to move to an honorable place in this country, and also we will help them to build the housing project, that with the many difficulties and efforts they have already begun to build.

All this will bring great honor, beauty and blessings to our nation!

We must unite en masse with the "International Rescue Committee" which is already in operation around the world, for this purpose!

Guatemala! Sign your name in the book of history as rescuers of human beings and fighters for justice and peace!

We all will rise to receive the blessing of the Lord of the Universe, the God of love, kindness and peace. Amen.


With love; "International Rescue Committee to Jewish families of the community of Lev Tahor"