With the help of God
בעזרת השם יתברך
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Kristallnacht in Germany 1938 - Repeated in 2016 by Israeli Agents, PGN and Ministerio Público (Public’s Ministry)

(Translated from Spanish)

It was an ordinary day, I headed down Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue of Zone Nine, a place that later would be known as the new headquarters of the Jewish community of the Lev Tahor families area. In front of the building I see a large truck and many people coming and going, their work was arduous because they had to unload suitcases and furniture off the vehicle, what distinguished them all were their long beards and long hair coming down from their sideburns, and their very special dress . I knew that they were from the Jewish community who had been in Solola. After this experience, everything changed for me. the Sabbath (Shabbat) was approaching because it was a Friday when they arrived. All the rest of the day I had been thinking about these people and finally took courage to visit. I carried a bottle of wine and bread that I wanted to share with them. I was received by a very kind person, and thereafter began a new stage in my life.

After a few months, I was realizing my conversion, good months to get to know the community, marvelous teaching and spiritual growth. What would have prompted me to give up a way of life to start another? What can motivate a person to crave and wish to receive a Jewish soul and renounce his own? The change of clothes, food, customs ... If .... Surely a miracle happens. The loving voice of Hashem (blessed be his name) calls people, and the purpose of the existence of a person when performing their conversion to Judaism, acquires meaning. So every day is a blessing, suffering, pain, joy, nostalgia. It is the experience of a convert, embracing their Jewish faith, in union with his people.

It is dawn, and it’s the awakening of many souls that are starting their daily routine. The sky is not seen clearly, maybe it’s the omen for a painful storm, frustration, and fear for other souls that rest with peace and tranquility. 


While driving my car, I try to listen to the news for the weather report, but all of the sudden my breath becomes restless, the news make me sweat and speed up my heartbeat. My community is being raided by the Guatemalan authorities. All of the sudden I decide to park my car and take a taxi, since I heard that the roads to access my community had been blocked.  While walking towards the building, many thoughts run through my mind, the children, the mothers, the husbands. I need to arrive there as quickly as possible, but the traffic made it impossible… at last, nearby I decide to walk. 

To my big surprise, I found armed policemen with guns a and rifles, people of the Public’s Ministry and the Nation’s General Prosecutors Office dressed all in their vests. It appeared just like a militarized zone, a lot of cars from the security forces. And the biggest impression to me were the white vans parked in front of the doors from the buildings, as if preparing to load lines of innocent children. That road, which I have seen daily, a place for gathering with brothers and sisters, now is unrecognizable. The media take pictures all over the place, a big crowd indeed, and the buildings across the street flooded with curious ones passing by. 

This whole scene reminds me of what happened in Germany by the year 1938, the nights in the ninth and tenth of November of that year, all hell broke loose against the Jews inhabiting in Germany. Members of the SS (Schutzstaffe) rushed against Jewish civilians and their properties. They broke into their homes and businesses, looted their belongings, hundreds of synagogues across Germany were burned and demolished. And the staff of the SS was not the only one who was involved, so did ordinary Germans, who willingly and without provocation took the opportunity to give beatings to innocent Jewish civilians, and steal everything they could.

There were more than hundreds of losses of Jewish lives. This is like murder, arsonism and plunder, marking the death of economic and social life of the Jews in Germany. It is estimated that thirty thousand Jews were taken violently and brought to concentration camps. This happened the next day under the gaze of thousands of German civilians who did nothing at all, the vast majority were neighbors and acquaintances. The historical anti-Semitism in the heart of the German people would not stop flowing, and there would be no way to contain it in the following years that would initiate the terrible slaughter of European Jews. In 1936, only eighty years ago, the Nuremberg laws, had marked the separation of the Jews with the rest of Germany. Jews were killed in civic life and the fundamental rights of the country. They became elements that had no place in schools, universities, jobs. And then this tragedy happens which was called Kristallnacht (Kristallnacht) as there were destroyed more than 7,500 windows of Jewish of businesses and stores.

Being Jewish in the 1930s was extremely dangerous, anti-Semitism became virulent and later eliminative. First the Nuremberg laws and then the Kristallnacht (Kristallnacht), would follow the expulsion of the Jews from Germany with subsequent confiscation of their property, and later the Holocaust (Shoah has) the destruction of European Jewry.

There were just timid voices of protest at international level, this showed that the German authorities could turn their scavenging anti-Semitism against the Jews. Therefore it is necessary not to forget. It all began with burning books, and continued with burning people. As Israel Shem Tov wrote "Forgetting prolongs the exile... memory hastens redemption"

Upon entering, my only wish is to hug my siblings, their faces are grim in desolation and concern, their privacy has been invaded, and the fear that they might take the children brought everyone into a sickening distress. With sadness I see how they take all of the vitamins and vital medicines of everyone, there’s a glimpse of them from the windows. And the face from my Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans reveals the worrying due to the weight carried on his shoulders of all the community, and in front of his door armed people, prosecutors and reporters, everything appearing as madness. 

Consequently, they broke into the dorm rooms, the mothers remained sitting, surrounded by their children, of which their eyes revealed astonishment and fear of seeing so many terrifying people. Every invasion was tragic, the existence of time was gone, there was only space for worryness and pain. The homes of these families were vandalized, and their customs and traditions of hosting visits were buried. They insisted on asking for documents, they went through their personal belongings, baggage, everything was opened. The prosecutors looked busily to find drugs, guns or other objects. And then there were very dramatic scenes, the children were picked up and had to go through checking their hands and feet. The dresscode of the community is particular in keeping modesty, but nothing mattered for them, so they stripped off the children from their shoes to verify that there hadn’t been any child maltreatment.

The complaint on the community is a serious one, inhumane, filled with prejudice and evil, it carries a desire to hurt and damage the community, there’s a wish to bring shame and to cause deep pain to each man, woman and child in the community. These are peaceful people who serve God, blessed be His name, these are peaceful individuals that only seek to live according to their customs and traditions. 

I saw that the door locks vandalized, because some were abused, I saw luggage and pouches everywhere, people strived searching for prohibited substances, but nothing, absolutely nothing, they found nothing. And then as absurd as it may sound, they confiscate the vital medicine taking children and adults; the argument is that they needed to analyze all of this medicine. I heard the doctor say that after seizing several batches of medicine from several apartments, of which around 98.5% were all natural vitamins. But the police from the Public’s Ministry didn’t care, eager to find something that didn’t exist, and they took everything. 

Inside the living premises reigned anguish as a result of the invasion, it brought back memories of the disasters that occurred in Europe more than sixty years ago, and the german driven by unscrupulous and impostor atheist jews that provoked their anger, along with collaborations of the authorities of the occupied territories, stormed the Jewish homes, often to cause damage and beatings of inhabitants, others for robbery, and so many times to be driven to ghettos or directly to the trains that eventually leading them to the death camps. 

The suffering experienced from their invaded homes, that their belongings get invaded and their necessary vitamins and vital medicines, that the children get exposed and are obliged to walk barefooted, this is not far from the suffering that Jews had to go through in Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, and so many other European countries during the terrible years of the Holocaust. The sense of being treated in such a way just because they’re Jews. That feeling that overflows the Jewish souls just from the fact of being Jews. 

The community having been together for so many years and living in many countries, has gone through so many harassment and sorrow, and now this new experience remains in memory of the adults and children. Added to this the historic memory of every Jew, and the retainment in their genes more than two thousand years of persecutions and genocide. It’s part of the history of the Jews, and today’s unfortunate experience on top of the previously lived in Sololá a few months back, where they had to flee due to the death threats from the locals, who were also driven by unscrupulous and impostor atheist jews that provoked their anger.

The hours went by and the weariness and worrying of the community increased, the children hadn’t eaten and also the adults, the daily routine was broken. Approaching the evening, finally the authorities left, the vans of the Public’s Ministry return empty, not one child was taken, not one adult was accused, no illegal drugs were found, and the health of the children was proven. And so the questions sprout. What is the reason for this accusations? What is the reason to cause pain to innocent people, with all the traumatic actions that they had to be submitted? And the question continues… Why…? It could be difficult to find an answer, or maybe there are thousands… the fact is that the Jewish people’s history, evil constantly lurks, the struggle of light and darkness continues, and the evil aggressor and wants to hurt and kill without restraint. Only the mercy and good love of Hashem (blessed be his name) sustain our people. And these situations and experiences only make the community stronger, more united and pure. Of the tragedies and difficult events, our souls are purified and we grow to become better people, What the evil one wants to destroy, makes it more beautiful and pure thanks to the mercy of Hashem (blessed be his name).

The night has come, there is calmness and tranquility, there remains the embrace of a mother to her son, a husband's embrace to his wife the hands that are lifted towards the Creator to thank for their kindness and protection. This is the experience of my people, this is the experience of the Jews ... as the day left behind.

Auschwitz happened for the evil of the perpetrators, and for the indifference of the human being to his brother. It began with burning books and enactment of laws against the Jews. Then they followed the ghettos and finally the death camps. Therefore, what happened in Guatemala should not must be taken lightly, it is serious and should be an alert. Jakob Fuchs, Holocaust survivor wrote "After all, if indifference had not been so ingrained, Auschwitz would not have been possible. And we must insistently ensure that Auschwitz will not repeat itself, because the world will not have a second chance. 

Many Jews as they were taken to the gas chambers, chanting "Ani Ma'amin be'emuna Shlemah beviat ha-Mashiah" (I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah). For centuries Jews have been killed, abused, expelled, but their faith and their calling remain. Amen.

Bayron Amilcar Morales de León