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בעזרת השם יתברך
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Board Members

Lic. Ely Yovany Orozco Martínez

Vice President

Mayor of the municipality of Oratorio, Guatemala



Lic. Isaías Cordero Santa Cruz

Vice President

Vice Mayor of the municipality of Oratorio, Guatemala




Guidy Mamman


Preeminent expert of International Human Rights and Refugee Protection Law


President of Toronto’s Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS) and Programme Co-ordinator for the Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association of Ontario


Guidy Mamman is one of the only 13 lawyers in Ontario certified as a specialist in Refugee Protection Law. He is frequently consulted as an expert by the US congress and the Canadian Parliament on matters pertaining to Human Rights and Refugee issues.

He has been rated by Lexpert, Canada’s leading lawyer rating service, as one of Canada’s “frequently recommended” immigration lawyers.

Mrs. Marcel Butbul

Legal Advisor

High profile lawyer in Haifa, Israel

PhD in Criminology - Paris-Sorbonne University

Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter

Coordinator of the Rabbinical Consul of the Committee

Director of the Ami Magazine


Ami Magazine is one the three leading magazines in the Jewish Orthodox communities over the world.

Mr. Avraham (Abe) Wieder

Executive Director

Mayor of Kiryas Joel, New York


President of the International Satmar Community, under the leadership of Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, a community of more than 100,000 members.


Mr. Avraham (Abe) Wieder is the highest elected political figure of the Orthodox Jewish population in the United States, re-elected for four continued terms as Mayor of Kiryas Joel (village with a population of more than 21,000 Orthodox Jewish people).

Mr. Mendel Schwimmer


President of the International Satmar Community, under the leadership of Grand Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum

According to The Washington Post, the Satmar community is the world’s largest orthodox Jewish community, managing a $1 billion real estate of Jewish education facilities and Talmudic academic institutions, social and charity services, synagogues and religious centers. Official members are counted more than 100,000 members -- in Brooklyn, New York; Montreal, Canada; London, United Kingdom; Antwerp, Belgium; and Jerusalem, Israel. An additional 19,000 live in Kiryas Joel, an entirely Orthodox Jewish town in Upstate New York.


Mr. Avrum Shiya Retek


Founder and Director of Artek Sewing Supply Inc.

Mr. Antonio Guzman


CEO of LaFloresta S.A.

Rabbinical Council

Rabbi Yochanan Wosner

President of the Rabbinical Court of the International Square Community, based in the village of New Square, New York, with many branches around the world

Chief Rabbi of the Square community, Montreal, Canada since 1982

Author of the "Chaye Halevi” book series, responsa in Jewish law

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Harfenes

Rabbi Harfenes is one of the greatest Orthodox Poskim ("decisors of Jewish law") and Talmudical scholars as of today. He is responding daily to tens of questions in Jewish law (Halacha), asked by Jewish communities, organizations, rabbis and individuals from all over the world. His decisions in Jewish law are accepted by all leading Orthodox rabbis and communities.


Author of more than 20 books on Jewish law. The majority of his books he has authored are responsa. 

Rabbi Yehoshua Leifer

Rabbinical Judge of New Square, New York

President of Oz VeHadar, world’s largest and most notable institute for editing and publishing Jewish books




Executive Committee

Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Stossel

President of Shlom Asirayich Organization
Monroe, New York


Rabbi Asher Wieder

Montreal, Canada


Mr. Aron Felberman

Government Relations Coordinator for the Village of Kiryas Joel, New York


Mr. Yehuda Leib Flohr

Financial Professional at Cetera Advisor Networks LLC
Monroe, New York


Mr. Yosef Heller

Administrator of Yeshivat Ohel Torah in Brooklyn, New York


Mr. Nusen Broner

Brooklyn, New York


Mr. Aron Rosner

Brooklyn, New York


Mr. Shlomo Mendovitch

Monroe, New York

Medical Team

Dr. Jose David Rosales


Dr. Ana Gabriela Guzman Abril


Dr. David Humberto Sandoval Cruz


Dr. Luis Fernando Guzmán Abril


Dr. María José Camey Reyna