With the help of God
בעזרת השם יתברך

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From the Manifesto of the Committee:

"...Whether a person identifies and agrees with the path of this community or does not agree with it, there is no justification in the world for any persecution or maltreatment of these dear people of heroic spirit, and they are absolutely entitled to live their lives and to educate their children in a way that we all agree has been (at least) one of the acknowledged and accepted paths of the Torah and Judaism for many generations..."

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In the bottom of this landing page the reader can see the exhibition of the committee to the court debate between the state of Israel, the state of Canada and lev tahor in the affair of chasing lev tahor  in relation to the verdict in the court in Israel in the matter of the characteristic of the community of lev tahor.

Israeli court rules South American ultra-Orthodox sect is a ‘dangerous cult’

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